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Flying to the Sky 

FLYGUYS is an exclusive collection of NFTs Flying  in the Solana landscape.

Each FlyGuy  carries unique traits and rewards the holder.



A collection of 888 NFTs, each one is unique and comes with crazy attributes. 

You're invited to join the FlyGuys, vibe with a great community, and 
$FLY together.



The vibrations in the air will bring together 888 hand-selected Fly Guys into one community. We will kick off with an Holaplex Auction for a Valentine's Day special on   02-14-2022. Our official website will be launched and the minting process will take place on a TBA date following the auction.

The Beginning :

After Fly Guys have been han-drawn, minting will take place on a TBA date. The Fly DAO will be formed offering alpha sourced from top-tier DAOs and projects. Launch Our $FLY token, begin air dropping $FLY, and develop staking system for delisted holders. $FLY coin will be deflationary as it will be burnt upon upgrading traits, redeeming merchandise and apparel exclusive to the holder.
$FLY coin will also be tradable on DexLabs & Raydium swap. We will consult with our partners to implement $FLY as a currency in select Solana casinos. Access will be provided to merchant websites providing discounted rates up to 75% with various suppliers.

The Middle :

We will be exploring royalties and rewards to holders drom secondaty markets in addition to accumulating $FLY coin. This is our genesis collection; at this point, in retrospect, this is all just the beginning. In regards to our next generation collection, we have already begun developing an exclusive set featuring a TBA number of holders along with Solana's finest leaders.

The Future :



"We have simple yet profound vision - create a supportive and cohesive community,  where we grow and fly together."


Talented Artist



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